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From Asiwaju of Lagos to Asiwaju of Nigeria: May his reign be peaceful – Opeoluwa Awodugba




It is a general believe that rain symbolizes comfort, calmness and other goodies of life, let’s hope it’s not just a coincidence that it rained both on the presidential election and inauguration day.

Actually some are still wishing this event will not happen, they’re expecting some kind of abracadabra, maybe a kangaroo judgement to nullify the election and the swearing-in ceremony, but let’s tell them to wake up from their slumbers.

About a year ago when he maid the infamous statement “emilokan” there was uproar, they said that kind of utterance shouldn’t be heard from someone who means well for Nigerians, but against all odds, the man still conquered all the hurdles; Muslim/Muslim tickets, age, health factors, new naira note saga, fuel scarcity and many others could not stop the man from actualizing his life long ambition.

Make no mistake, this man is not a magician, but he’s well talented and somehow knows how to douse tension.

Every elected office holder has the first three months to prove his a point to his subjects, otherwise they would lose hope and start looking ahead to the next election year.

Former Governor of Osun, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, despite all his flaws knew this theory and was able to deliver something tangible within the first 100 days; the Osun Youth Empowerment Scheme, OYES was the programme that made the citizens of Osun to sit tight for what other things Aregbesola would offer them in the next four years.

But this is not about Aregbesola, we’re talking about the one who taught Aregbesola the art and science of politics, he’ll definitely know how to present a masterstroke project before the end of his honeymoon (100 days), so Nigerians should just sit back, lower their expectations, because too much expectations might lead to disappoinment, but it is our prayer that jagaban will not disappoint.

President Buhari is regarded as father Christmas because of his delaings with his cabinet members, Chris Ngige, Adamu Adamu,Rotimi Amaechi(later resigned) Abubakar Malami, Zainab Ahmed, Babatunde Fashola, and others served for eight years under the man from Daura, as if there are no other competent people.

Apart from announcing public holidays and prison breaks, what are we going to remember Aregbesola for as minister of interior for four years, that’s to tell you Buhari is too lenient as he was unable to sanction unperforming ministers.

Judging by his antecedents, Tinubu’s cabinet will be selected based on merit, dominated by technocrats not as compensation to campaign members as Buhari did.

There will be room for politicians, but it has to be because of what you have to offer, you have to justify your appointment, not because you delivered your ward or you were vibrant during campaigns, that’s how Nigeria will work.

Fellow Nigerians, as today marks the beginning of new era and a new dawn, it is our prayer that by 2027, we don’t recount nostalgically our experience during General Muhammodu Buhari.

But take it or leave it, starting from now, you’ll be seeing his pictures on the wall at different offices nation wide, it doesn’t matter whether you voted for him or not, this is a moving train, no one can stop it.

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, GCFR, Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, once again, may your reign be peaceful and bring prosperity to all Nigerians.


LP Rejects Enugu Governorship Tribunal Ruling






The Enugu Governorship Tribunal, which affirmed the election of Governor Peter Mbah of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has been rejected by the Labour Party.

Nigeria Updates reported that the tribunal had on Thursday  dismissed all grounds of the petition filed by the Labour Party (LP) governorship candidate, Chijioke Edeoga, challenging Mbah’s victory at the polls.

Delivering the judgement on Thursday, the Chairman of the three-judge panel, Justice Kudirat Akano, said the petition filed by Edeoga that Mbah’s National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) discharge certificate was forged lacked merit.

Reacting in a statement on Thursday, the LP National Chairman, Julius Abure, described the tribunal’s ruling as an absurd, stark reality of the future of the judiciary in Nigeria.

He stated that the party is worried about the level of degeneration in the nation’s judiciary, where ridiculous rulings are frequently churned out from the hallowed temple of justice.

Abure, therefore, announced its intention of the party to appeal the tribunal judgement, which ruled against its candidate.

The statement reads: “Labour Party today watched in horror as another absurdity played out in Enugu where the Governorship and House of Assembly Tribunal dismissed allegations of NYSC certificate forgery against the PDP candidate, Peter Mbah.

“The tribunal also struck out our party’s allegation of over-voting, and bypass of BVAS while insisting that Peter Mbah was duly elected as governor by the majority of lawful and valid votes cast at the election.

“Though we will seek redress at the Supreme Court immediately, knowing that justice was miscarried in this particular case and that the tribunal judgement cannot stand, we are worried about the level of degeneration in our judiciary where ridiculous rulings are frequently churned out from the hallowed temple of justice.

“Our case before the tribunal was a clear case of electoral robbery where we pointed out that in Enugu, after the collation of 16 LGAs out of the 17 LGAs of the state, our candidate, Chijioke Edeoga, was leading with over 11,000 votes, surprisingly, the PDP in Enugu, working in cahoots with the INEC, shockingly and provocatively wrote and awarded to the PDP a whopping 30,000 votes at Nkanu East LGA, the LGA of the PDP candidate.

“We pointed out that the figures from the INEC BVAS, Nkanu East LGA, recorded a total number of 15,000 accredited voters on Election Day. However, when votes were declared, the PDP was allocated a total number of 30,350 votes, while a total number of 1,855 was credited to the Labour Party. So, we asked how INEC could have turned out over 33,000 votes in a place where only about 15,000 voters were accredited.”

The party called for a concerted effort by all well-meaning Nigerians to guide the judiciary and ensure that the state does not capture it.

It further stated: “We had also asked the tribunal to disqualify the PDP candidate for presenting a fake NYSC certificate. The authority of NYSC confirmed that the PDP candidate absconded from service and that the certificate he paraded was not issued by them. Doesn’t that seem like an open and closed case, yet the tribunal saw nothing in a clear case of electoral forgery and perjury?

“In the wake of this judgement, we were aware of a series of visits made by Mba to Aso Rock, and we also took note of his level of confidence lately. However, we had ignored these ominous signs while hoping that the blind Lady of Justice would act impartially, but we are shocked by this judicial endorsement.

“Labour Party may be weeping today for this travesty of justice meted at us, but we do not know whose turn it would be tomorrow. Evil, they say, triumphs when the righteous keep silent and when they refuse to condemn it. We also think that the judiciary has a key role to play in keeping our democracy alive and safe.

“We, therefore, call for a concerted effort by all well-meaning Nigerians to guide this all-important arm of government and ensure that the state does not capture it. We must all rise to save our democracy.”


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United Nations Must Start to Discuss Global Issues- Tinubu to Antonio Guterres 









President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has said the United Nations (UN) must start to discuss global issues and become the world’s foremost action coordination center.

The president said this on Wednesday while meeting with António Guterres , United Nations Secretary-General, at the UN Headquarters in New York City.

He said a situation in which 70% of the resources being devoted to the world’s poorest countries were being spent and sent back out on overheads and administrative costs would defeat the purpose and objectives of the organisation where help was needed most.

President Tinubu, who said the world would ignore Nigeria at its own peril, underscored the need for the global body to work with Africa to address the challenges of poverty and terrorism.

He pledged not to rest until people had arisen out of poverty even if it required decisions at home that made him “temporarily unpopular”.

He said: “The poverty ravaging our continent and the question of security and counter-terrorism requires us to work in close and effective synergy. The world will ignore Nigeria at its own peril. If we engage in tal shops as real challenges wreak real havoc in real-time, we will fail.

“The time to strike is now. The time to achieve real results is now. I fought for democracy. I was detained for democracy. I am now President and I am determined to prove that democracy can provide the development that our nation and our continent so urgently demands.

“Trace those of us here to our foundations and you will find that we have ties and links with poverty. We must not be ashamed of that history, but poverty is unacceptable. I am one of the lucky survivors of gripping poverty. Nigeria is truly a giant. 240 million people and counting with a massive youth population.

“We are done saying too much. We seek much action. We have arisen out of poverty as individuals, but until our people have arisen out of that, we will not rest, even if it requires decisions at home that maks me temporarily unpopular.”

President Tinubu also said African nations would no longer accept a situation in which human rights advocacy was used by wealthy and powerful nations to steal the continent’s natural resources and smuggle in weapons.

He said: “African nations would no longer accept a situation in which human rights advocacy was used by wealthy and powerful nations to stop developing economies from dealing decisively with malign actors who siphoned and smuggled out the continent’s vast mineral resources while smuggling in western-made weapons, which enriched the wealthiest economies in the world at the parasitic expense of African stability and wealth creation.

“We are facing the great challenge of scavengers ravaging our lands and oppressing our people on illegal mines—taking our gold and mineral wealth back to developed economies by stealth and violence against Nigerians. Where one’s human right ends, the rights of another begin. Most especially for self-protection. If we fight, they say ‘human rights,’ but we will now be aggressive and we will question motives. We will stop what is happening in our land. We require your effective collaboration.”

In response, Guterres said the UN system is in the process of real reform that will largely address some of the institutional frailties and lack of decision-making power for the developing world, on whose behalf more than 75% of UN resources are accrued.

He said: “We now recognize the need to reform the institution to represent the world as it is today. The questions of debt and SDRs. The fact that middle-income countries have only marginal access to concessional funding.

“In the SDGs Summit, we believe we have a growing political consensus and now, a declaration, in this regard. We are pursuing this with great determination.”

The UN Secretary-General further assured President Tinubu of the fullest support of the UN system for ECOWAS in light of the series of military coups which have occured in the West African sub-region in the past few months and years.

“Mr. President, we have high expectations for your presidency after the many bold steps you have taken. Nigeria is an indispensable voice in the sub-region.

“We will give you every support needed for your success to be achieved. Your success is Africa’s success and we wish you well,” the UN leader added.

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Kano Tribunal Declares APC, Gawuna Winner









The Governorship Election Petition Tribunal in Kano State has sacked the state Governor, Abba Kabir Yusuf, declaring the All Progressives Congress (APC) winner of the March 18 election.

Yusuf, who contested on the platform of the New Nigerian Peoples Party (NNPP) was declared winner of the election by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

The tribunal, however, on Wednesday unturned the declaration of INEC and declared Nasir Gawuna winner.

The three-man panel ordered withdrawal of certificate of return which INEC presented to Governor Yusuf and directed a certificate of return to be issued to Gawuna.

The court deducted 165,663 votes from Gov Yusuf total as invalid votes, stating that the ballot papers (165,663) were not stamped or signed and therefore declared invalid.

All three grounds of the petition were resolved in favour of APC.

The grounds are Membership of Gov Yusuf of NNPP; non compliance with the Electoral Act and total lawful votes (Invalid ballot papers used in the election).

NNPP has kicked against the judgement, vowing to challenge it at the Appeal Court.


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