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LASG’s Deputy Chief of Staff Gboyega Soyannwo Dies At 55




The Lagos State governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu has announced the death of Gboyega Soyannwo, his Deputy Chief of Staff.


The governor made this announcement via his X page on Wednesday. The post read, “It is with deep sorrow that I announce the passing of my Deputy Chief of Staff, Gboyega Soyannwo. I am devastated by Gboyega’s sudden departure and I’m deeply affected by this news.


“Gboyega was not only my Deputy Chief of Staff by title; he was a brother to me, an armour-bearer, a confidante and a faithful believer in our collective dream of a Greater Lagos.


“His total dedication and service to Lagos State will never be forgotten. My prayers are with his beloved wife, Yewande and their children during this difficult time.


“I trust that God Almighty will give us beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for this present mourning and a garment of praise for this present spirit of heaviness.


“Good night Gboyega my ally.

Good night Gboyega, my brother.

Rest in peace with your Maker.”

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Ogun State House of Assembly Committee on Public Accounts and Anti-corruption has considered the years 2021 and 2022 audit reports on the Ado-Odo/Ota and Ijebu East Local Government Councils, admonishing the councils to always uphold the tenets of accountability and transparency in managing their financial records.


The Chairman of the Committee, Hon. Damilare Bello, gave the charge while playing host to the management teams of the councils during the ongoing session of the consideration of audit reports on Local Government Councils in the State at the Assembly Complex, Oke-Mosan, Abeokuta.


Bello in company of other Lawmakers directed Ado-Odo/Ota Local Government Council led by the Secretary to the Local Government, Mr. Abiodun Akonthe to submit to the Committee, documents on all landed properties of the council and land allocation with the State Property and Investment Promotion (OPIC) amongst others.


Other documents requested are cash inflows and outflows for the 2021 and 2022 financial years and fixed assets register to be submitted before 19th June, 2024.


Also, the Committee directed the management team of Ijebu-North Local Government Council led by the Chairman, Mr. Bolaji Odusanja, to submit some supporting documents including fixed asset register, overdraft facility to the office of the Auditor General for verification, documents on all landed properties belonging to the Council and the list on all properties under the Build, Operate and Transfer Scheme before 19th of June, 2024.


Responding, the Chairmen promised to continue to uphold the principle of accountability and ensure probity in the running of the councils, assuring that all documents requested would be provided in due course.

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Despite Economic Hardship, Muslim Faithful in Lagos Buy Cows and Rams at High Prices Ahead of Eid-el-Kabir






With only two days left until Eid-el-Kabir, Muslim faithful in Lagos are defying economic hardship by purchasing cows and rams at elevated prices.


A visit to the Abbatouir Market in Agege revealed that cows are selling for between N600,000 and N2.1 million, while rams are priced between N150,000 and N300,000.


According to Ali Usman, a seller, the prices have increased significantly compared to last year, citing higher transportation costs, fuel prices, and bribes paid to security agencies and terrorists.


Despite fewer buyers, sellers have made significant sales, and many are expected to come on Sallah day.


Idris Adejuwon, a customer who purchased a cow for N1.9 million, stated that his religious duty must be observed despite economic challenges.


Sellers at Meiran market also reported similar prices but lamented a lack of patronage due to economic hardship.


Bashir, a ram dealer, expressed concern about unsold rams, fearing a huge loss if they remain unsold after Sallah.


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NIGERIA STATE: The conspiracy of Silence





Nigeria is a Country of about 250 million citizens in multi-State, multi-religious, multi-cultural, multi-tribal State protected by the 1999 Nigerian Constitution.

Section 38 to 41 of the 1999 Constitution speaks to freedom of expression, freedom of Association, dignity of persons, freedom of movement etc, the VAPP Act 2015 as well as Anti-torture Act 2017 Speaks to the rights of Nigerian citizens and prohibits anything that violates these rights in these laws. The government whose role as enshrined in the constitution are expected to ensure the making, promotion, preservation and protection of the rights of citizens at all cost through law enforcement officers like the NPF, DSS, NSCDC, Army etc. #UDHR

But despite the rich laws backed up by legislations like CEDAW, UNCAT, UDHR, amongst others, respect for Human Right have been a scarce resource in Nigeria. It is bad enough for citizens to be oppressed by fellow citizens, or foreign investors like Lloyds in Nigeria but to be oppressed by the Government saddled with the responsibility of Protection of Lives and property is the murder of Justice!

Government through State representatives now or its law enforcement officers torment citizens in variety of ways, through forceful extortions on the way, collection of bail monies, investigation money, unlawful arrest, kidnapping, unlawful detention, incommunicado detention, assault, torture, brutality, forceful coercion for confessional statement, tribal and religious sentiments in handling cases that have led to the death of people like Joshua Gwebe Alabama in Nassarawa etc

But worse was detaining Rhoda Jatau because she spoke about the failure of Nigerian government to bring Murderers of Deborah Samuel 200 Level student of Shehu Shagari College of Education to justice. Deborah only corrected fellow student to only write only issues relating to Studies on the WhatsApp group but was murdered by religious bigots who were not there to study. The Leadership of the school, school Security, Nigerian Police Force till date have failed to neither arrest, prosecute, punish those involved in the killing, no expulsion either it means they were all involved and they played their part of silence, doing nothing till date, “what a One Nigeria”. Same Government, people who could not arrest people for murder hurriedly arrested Mrs. Rhoda Jatau for urging them to do their work on false charges of “inciting public disturbance, contempt of religious creed and cyber stalking”! how low can the criminal justice actors go! Justice has a face in Nigeria in tribalism and religious sentiment, how rotten has the Nigerian State become! Our leaders should hide their faces in shame. Mrs. Rhoda was in detention incommunicado without access to bail for doing nothing wrong…..Oh, finally she was released on bail with court hearing on the 19th December, 2023 because of citizen’s outrage cos of abuse of her right! “Does it mean the government or law enforcement officers do not know its laws, or the law is afraid of religion”, “what happened to Rule of Law” or religion is the Law in Nigeria Now!

The precedence set by some politicians, government is that Nigeria is an Islamic State now! So, it is a crime being a Christian! that is why all the above is happening in different states in the north and daily killing in Kaduna, Benue, Plateau State without culprits punished. As well as the new trend of blocking State and Federal roads in the name of prayer! Religious intolerance has no place in a Democracy! Unfortunately, the conspiracy is real.

Nigeria as a country is supposed to be govern by Nigerian 1999 Constitution not by Islamic or Christian laws! All State and Federal Leaders are to ensure compliance to Nigerian Laws, Nigerian Courts not religious laws or religious leaders or religious courts. Religion is personal! It can’t and should not take the place of laws. But as citizens we ought to respect each other as well as beliefs but to take advantage of dominance of a particular religion in a particular State to victimize another citizen because of her religion is criminal and violation of her rights. What happened to Violence Against Persons Prohibition Act 2015, what happened to Anti-torture Act 2017, that you detain a married Woman, Wife, Mother of Five children for 18 months for encouraging you to do the needful! This is Bad, it shows that our law enforcement officers either lack knowledge of Nigerian laws, feign ignorance of the law, either patriotic to their religion instead of Nigeria therefore do what ever they are being told or because they are in position of authority can do whatever they can and nothing will happen as always! What is the essence of Laws and Courts then, or gain of Correctional Centers with unnecessary awaiting trial persons? Wastage of Nigerian resources.

The Courts used to be the hope of common man but Nigeria happened so justice now have a face shrouded in tribalism, party affiliation and religion.

It is time for citizens to wake up and take back their country from corrupt politicians, ethnic and religious bigots, who have crumbled the giant of Africa to a place of japa! Seat of embezzlement, where contracts of security are given to individuals not state actors, where one mineral in one Zone is used to finance the country and the ones in other locations are privatized or used only by some persons! Nigeria Why?

Murder of about 100 citizens in Kaduna, about 200 in Plateau and 100,000 displaced in Benue, yet we are not at WAR, nobody was and is held accountable as always by either the Military or the government. It begs the question of rule of Law, why other persons can commit crime “Murder’ and nothing happens but others would be charged for murder! The military have always done this yearly! Before Kaduna, we had Konshisha, Ukum, Niger, Taraba, we have Imo, how about Rivers State! Protectors turned predators, these crimes should not be allowed to go without people responsible been held accountable and punished adequately for abuses of human rights. Victims of these litany of abuses by law enforcement agents, particularly the military, should be compensated, to cushion the loss of relatives and property. Nigerian Lives should Matter!

Citizens die daily due to poor health care services, despite the billions allocated for the sector! The hospitals still use manual tools and equipment, nothing has changed. Billions budgeted by Federal and state governments but same leaders travel abroad for treatment, so what happens to the common man without paid jobs! In-order to address this abnormally All elected office holders must be made to receive healthcare services from public healthcare centers only, this would make them pay attention to improving the state of the health sector. It should also be the pre-requisite for contesting for elections.

#YouthLead was one of the hashtags for last year’s “International Youth Day 2023” but has the youths been allowed to lead? NO!. even the State ministries and Federal Ministries of Youths are not headed by Youths. Instead, they are criminalized in all aspects, political forms has been hiked by political parties, making it almost impossible for Youth to Lead #100million, Why? This abnormally should be corrected for #youthlead

Kidnapping and Insecurity is the new business in Nigeria fueled by the government, traditional chiefs, religion and politics. People/criminals are benefiting from these crimes but citizens are suffering and Nigeria is bleeding badly because no one will invest in such a criminal infested place except fellow criminals who also benefit by ensuring continuity in criminality. That is why no one has been arrested or prosecuted! At most some persons are arrested, detained for some time but the leadership of these criminal elements in government, law enforcement agencies are not arrested or prosecuted hence the lip service to citizens as the die silently without protest! If the speak out #EndSAR 2020 is their reward! Why is implementation of laws so hard in Nigeria! Anti-kidnapping laws? Why can’t the military be audited yearly for trillions given to them?

The National Human Right Commission need to wake up to its role of promoting and ensuring respect for right because their silence speaks volumes. The issues on Elections, Awaiting Trial Persons for years, Killings of citizens, embezzlement of public funds, criminalization of policing agents, the rotten state of courts and judgement on cases, from last hope to lost hope of the common man, yet the silence in the miscarriage of justice is shocking but we believe change is possible. There are agencies that exist but have not improved the Nigerian situation, NOA is an Agency existing on paper but doing nothing giving room for disinformation and misinformation. NDE is another agency that exist but aids no employment for anybody.

Litany of issues in Nigeria are too numerous to mention, despite the efforts of some state and non-state actors, so much needs to be done, to address these problems and the new administration presents us with an opportunity for wave of change if the elected representatives have the political will to be patriotic to its citizens, Nigeria not to themselves or their pollical parties, tribe or religion.

Community Police relationship is important in addressing crimes. Communities should defend themselves as the work with the police because the police alone cannot secure lives and properties. The Civil Defence who has been working with and in schools should do better for the security of lives of students, serve as escorts to these children as they travel for programmes.

The Nigerian State should take stringent methods to push crimes especially like life imprisonment for kidnappers or terrorist or at least try to implement based on the laws we have on terrorism and prevent the funny trend on freeing criminals like the current and former President have been doing. Law enforcement officers should show they are capable of addressing this evil to prevent ransom payment instead of just telling citizens not to pay but not showing they are capable. Actions should speak louder than words.

As we celebrate independence today there are several questions begging for answers. They include;

Why is shell and Chevron still handling crude oil in Nigeria after 64 years?

Why has the Federal Government Refused to build or make Nigerian Refineries working but insist on exportation, subsidy, for fuel?

Why has security of pipes been in the hands of individuals?

Why are the waterways still guarded by non-state actors? What is the Navy doing?

Why is Nigeria still paying rent for Aso rock? To who?

Why do we have indigens still in IDP Camps? Why has the government failed to carter for them or provided the partway for their return but same government taking care of so called repentant boko haram criminals?

Why has the appointment and removal of all leaders of MDAs in the hands of one man?

Why is the Federal government delaying to include Gold and other Minerals in to revenue accrued for the country?

Why is there still no ban on public office holders going abroad for treatment?

Why are NASS not reducing their pay to 10% instead of the 30% of Nigerian Budget? Only Salary, utilities and constituency allowances should be monthly. Housing, Car allowance should be once per term.

Political Parties should also be checked by INEC for unnecessary hike of form! ETC

Nigeria is falling, Nigeria is failing and we would be a failed Nation if rotten leaders are not replaced because of tribalism or religion or zone! What happened to the Giant of Africa? Bad Leadership and Bad followership! Fix Nigeria, #Youthlead and Know peace! A better version of us is what Nigeria needs.

Happy Democracy Nigeria

Emmanuel Ikule

Executive Director/Elixir Trust Foundation

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