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Rivers Crisis: Wike is Impudently Adamant to Repentance ~ Eze






…Says His Moral Fiber is Grossly Tainted and Inclined to Corrupt Public Manners

…Urges Nigerians not to think that Fubara is fighting against WIKE and his unprincipled acts but God plotting to rescue Rivers State from Wike’s enclaves

…Commends President Tinubu for Distancing Self from the Minister’s Distasteful and Shady Character

…Counsels Rivers State University to Subject Zacchaeus Adangor to a Retinue of Extensive Scrutiny Before Reabsorbing Him as a Teaching Staff for His Abrasive Display of Dishonesty and Rude Behavior on National TV.


“….Eze postulated that Nyesom Wike didn’t make Sir Sim Fubara the Governor of Rivers State but he was used as a tool by God Almighty to make Fubara the Governor in order for God to help to rescue the State from his evil enclave.


Eze cautioned those calling Fubara an ingrate, mumu, a small boy and whatever that comes out of their mouth are totally ignorant of who Fubara is. The Fubara that is the Governor of Rivers State is not the same Fubara that you guys were eating with in the past as the present Fubara is on a Divine mission and those fighting against him will have God to contend with….”


Erstwhile National Publicity Secretary of the defunct New People’s Democratic Party and chieftain of the All Progressives Congress, Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze says the unyielding trait of the FCT Minister and former Governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike is the lone recipe sustaining the political crisis in Rivers State.


In a statement made available to the media Tuesday Chief Eze said one would have loved to see a situation where the floodgate of interventions that have flowed from different quarters for the just resolution of the hostility are yielded to allow for stability in the polity so as to enable Gov. Fubara channel energy towards achieving greater feats for the state.


It is however worrisome to learn that the FCT Minister has continued to contrive and deploy against the Governor, crude schemes that run antithetical to the rule of law and the tenets of democracy as a ploy to drag his attention away from governance and use his non-performance as a media weapon to curry favor and increase buy-in from his sympathizers.


Wike had, during a reception in honour of Senator George Thompson Sekibo, who celebrated his 36 years in public service, begged God and his loyalists for forgiveness for making Fubara Governor, describing Fubara as an error that must be corrected.


Speaking at the event, Wike said: “I want to say this clearly: in life, we make mistakes.


“I have made a mistake. I own it up and I say God forgive me. I have said all of you forgive me. But we will correct it at the appropriate time.


“I am human. I am bound to make mistakes. So forgive me for making a wrong judgment. So nobody should kill.”


He further vowed to continue to make his detractors angry so they would continue to make mistakes


He went on to urge his supporters in the state assembly not to succumb to intimidation, saying: “Don’t be afraid. Nobody will remove you as lawmakers.


“Most of you don’t understand. This is our work. Our business is to make them to fear. That is what I am doing.


“We will make them to be angry every day and they will continue to make mistakes.”


Chief Eze reminded Wike that the 27 former Lawmakers, having vacated their seats by way of unprovoked defection, lost their seats automatically and more so, every procedure necessary to declare their seats vacant was duly complied with by the then Speaker, Rt. Hon. Edison Ehie who wrote to INEC, informing the commission of the vacancies.


He said the express provision of Section 109(1)(g) of the Constitution of Nigeria is a bold, categorical declaration that require no judicial pronouncement or interpretation to be operational but becomes effective upon the happening of the event therein outlined.


The APC Chief noted that weak institutions constitute a major setback for Nigerian nationhood, else, INEC, having been notified of vacancies at the state legislature, should have mobilized to the affected constituencies to conduct fresh elections to fill the gaps created by the exit of the 27 former Lawmakers, and this would have settled the problem. But the commission couldn’t take action because of institutional weakness.


He noted that the mistake that requires correction is the 8 wasted years of Wike’s administration that saw Rivers people pauperized and supervised the deliberate destruction of livelihood sources of poor families and not Governor Siminialayi Fubara, as asserted by Wike.


Eze postulated that Nyesom Wike didn’t make Sir Sim Fubara the Governor of Rivers State but he was used as a tool by God Almighty to make Fubara the Governor in order for God to help to rescue the State from his evil enclave.


Eze cautioned those calling Fubara an ingrate, mumu, a small boy and whatever that comes out of their mouth are totally ignorant of who Fubara is. The Fubara that is the Governor of Rivers State is not the same Fubara that you guys were eating with in the past as the present Fubara is on a Divine mission and those fighting against him will have God to contend with.


People should reason why did Wike prophesied that those that will see Fubara as a small boy and will not respect him will be disgraced and dealt with because Fubara the Governor is now endowed with both physical and powers from above. This was the stand and prophecy of Wike so those that he is leading to confront Fubara will live to regret it no matter the odds and duration.


It is ridiculous for Wike to deceive his followers that he will correct the mistake he made in making Fubara the Governor and keep the former Lawmakers in their seats contrary to both the constitution and the position of God but one can ask him from where will he derive such powers, Eze enthused.


It is sad and unfortunate that matured people like the former Lawmakers can’t claim to be ignorant of the consequences of their actions but God caused them to take such a step in order to put Wike in his present funny situation and remove from him his so called structures. Until we see the hand of God in the happenings in Rivers State we will continue to look for solutions at the wrong place


In another development, Chief Eze urged the management team of the Rivers State University, to properly scrutinize former Commissioner for Special Duties, Zaccheaus Adangor and infact subject him to a special investigation panel to ascertain his fitness to be reabsorbed into the university staff cadre as lecturer, owing to his poor media outing with Channels TV where he made uncomplimentary comments against the Governor which are unbefitting to the a person of his status in the legal profession.


Recall that the former Special Duties Commissioner deliberately misinterpreted the law to suit his bootlicking status as a fief to Wike, his overlord. His poor outing laced with fictitious assertions is enough to declare him a persona non grata in the institution as his dented moral fiber is inclined to corrupt young undergraduates who look up to their lecturers as models, for guidance.


Finally, Chief Eze commended President Tinubu, who, through his media assistant, Ajuri Ngelale, has said he would never take sides in the political crisis in Rivers State and would not support anyone trying to usurp the government of the state or make it difficult for the state government to provide governance to the people. Hoping that WIKE will respect th position of Mr. President.


Nigeria’s Democracy at Crossroads: Eze Chukwuemeka Eze Laments Failed Leadership, Corruption





As Nigeria marks Democracy Day, Eze Chukwuemeka Eze, a media consultant, has lamented the country’s wobbling democracy and failed leadership.


In a statement, Eze traced Nigeria’s democratic journey from its independence in 1960 to the present day, highlighting the challenges it has faced, including military dictatorships, corruption, and leadership failure.


Eze noted that Nigeria’s democracy has been fragile and fluctuating, with political competition, communal and ethnic rivalries posing significant threats.


He also criticized the country’s political class, describing them as “anti-democrats” who prioritize power over democratic principles.


The media consultant expressed concern over the erosion of the rule of law, the absence of structures to address ethnic fears, and reckless misrule by corrupt politicians.


He cited examples of electoral rigging, judicial rascality, and the reward of corrupt practices, citing the case of Nyesom Wike, a former governor of Rivers State.


Eze called on Nigerians to reminisce about the country’s rough path to democracy and the sacrifices made by citizens.


He urged them to rededicate themselves to genuine service and help Nigeria become a democratically stable and economically viable state.


Despite the challenges, Eze expressed hope for Nigeria’s future, concluding, “Nigeria We Hail Thee!” His statement serves as a call to action for Nigerians to work towards a better democratic future.

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Senator Adeola Solomon Gears Up for Ultimate Political Showdown





Senator Adeola Solomon, also known as Yayi, is prepping for the most significant political battle of his career, This Day reports.


The seasoned politician, recognized for his strategic thinking and financial resources, has set his sights on becoming the next Governor of Ogun State in 2027.


Adeola’s political journey has been marked by calculated moves, including his successful bid to represent Ogun West Senatorial District in 2023.


However, his aspiration for the top job in Ogun State is expected to face stiff opposition from former allies and political heavyweights.


Despite the anticipated challenges, sources close to the senator indicate that he is prepared to face the battle head-on, leveraging his vast experience and political savvy to overcome the obstacles.


With a reputation for being a master strategist and a skilled politician, Adeola’s candidacy is expected to be a force to be reckoned with in the upcoming election.

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Peter Obi Slams Nigeria’s 2023 Election Says its a Show of Shame





Former Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Obi, has strongly criticized the 2023 general elections in Nigeria, labeling it a “show of shame” marred by fraud allegations and irregularities.


In a series of posts, Obi contrasted Nigeria’s election with South Africa’s recent transparent and efficient democratic process.


Obi highlighted the stark differences between the two countries’ electoral processes, noting Nigeria’s low voter turnout, late-starting polling stations, and lack of diaspora voting.


He also pointed out the technical glitches and widespread irregularities that plagued Nigeria’s election, despite significant expenditure.


In contrast, South Africa’s election was characterized by a high voter turnout, timely polling stations, and real-time results updates without technical issues.


Obi called for urgent comprehensive electoral reforms to restore faith in Nigeria’s democracy and ensure free, fair, and credible elections.


He emphasized the need for Nigeria to learn from South Africa’s example and strive for a better democratic system.

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